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Vevurukannala Temple

Vevurukannala Temple
The highlights of this temple for the non-Buddhist visitor are the possibility of learning more about the Buddha's life and about the Jathaka stories.

In the statue house, my favourite story is the statue depicting Buddha returning to his home, after obtaining enlightenment and his son, Rahula holds his hand out and asks, "You have given a lot to everyone who has come to you but what have you to give me, your own son?" And Buddha is said to have replied that he has nothing but sharing his way of life as a Buddhist, following which Rahula joins his father as a disciple.

A bo tree stands in the middle and is said to be from the original sapling brought by Mahinda, which was planted in Anuradhapura.

A huge statue of Buddha sits beside the house of statue and can be climbed. Each floor has paintings from the Jathaka stories, stories on the previous births of Buddha. A story that I still remember is the story of Yasodha and her husband, Siddhartha who became Buddha. The two are said to have shared a deep love, which brought them together in each birth and in their final births, both are said to have been born at the same time but due to a sin that Yasodha is said to have committed against Siddhartha in one of their earliest births as elephants, where she was the cause for his death, she does not experience the privilege of achieving nirvana at the same time. I heard this story for the first time at this temple. At the top floor, one emerges into the open and is allowed to peep through a porthole into the brain of Buddha, a tiny room filled with 17,500 books said to depict the wealth of knowledge that Buddha had.

A must-see for visitors to Matara and something that local residents are proud of.
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