Langdale Bungalow

Langdale Bungalow  Leave the world behind & loose yourself in the experienced hands of some of the islands best trained massage therapists. Choose from among the most healing, rich, soothing and aromatic natural oils and emerge renewed. The Spa experience is complete with individual steam / dry heat rooms and plunge baths.

Quintessential country charm and exquisite culinary excellence are masterfully crafted together to leave even the most discerning diner spellbound. Sit back and relax as our masterchef takes you on a gastronomical journey around the world. Delight in the delicacy of classic Japanese, Italian, French, Chinese and authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. Bon a petite!
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Savour drinks at the bar, chatting with the friendly bartenders, or enjoy your cocktails at a table beneath the trees. The bar is found between the main building and the seaside restaurant. Choose your pleasure from a selection of cocktails, beers, wines, shooters. Adventurous revellers are invited to try a drink made from the strong local coconut liquor arrack.

If the great food and wine gets you in the mood for a midnight swim under the stars feel free to jump into our heavenly temperature controlled pool. Designed so you can soak in the magnificence of the Great Western Mountain Range, the experience is as breathtaking by day as it is romantic by night.

Just a short drive from the Langdale is perhaps one of the world's most scenic Golf courses; The Victoria Golf Club. This spectacular 500 acre property on the edge of the Victoria Reservoir overlooks the Knuckles Mountain Range.

Get a taste of true tea country with an exclusive evening tour at one of the island's biggest tea factories. Revered throughout the world as the finest tea, this is your opportunity to purchase your own selection of Sri Lanka's liquid gold, followed by high-tea and refreshments.
Langdale Bungalow
Positive :
Far far from the madding crowd
Negative :
sometimes a bit too far... and quite a winding drive from Colombo
Activities :
Tours to the Horton Plains' National Park doesn't just give you the opportunity to experience the unique flora and fauna that the area is famous for, it also holds the promise of the World's End view, a sheer precipice with a 870 m (2,854 ft) drop; a thrilling experience for any traveler.

The beauty of this 2,243 m (7,359 ft) mountain is only surpassed by the magical legends that surround it. Stories of sapphire and ruby encrusted giant footprints, the foundation of Buddhism and the legend of the Garden of Eden are at the heart of the mountain's fame. The climb to the summit is long, but the view and experience is both rewarding and uplifting.

Indulge in your childhood fantasy with Langdale's Strawberry tours. Sample the sweetest, juiciest strawberries Sri Lanka has to offer and try out your own strawberry recipe at any one of the Strawberry hot-spots.

Soak up everything the scenery has to offer from a unique vantage point with Langdale's hiking excursions. Accompanied by an English speaking guide, guests can reach the highest point of the Great Western Mountain Range, and indulge in their delectable Langdale signature picnic baskets. The area has played the part of inspiration for many photography greats and continuously presents scenic photo opportunities for inventive amateurs.

For an adrenalin surging experience, join Langdale's high-speed trail bike adventure. Soar through the acres of tea plantation that surround the resort before reaching the highest point of the Great Mountain Range.

Relive the adventure of the Great Ascot Robbery of the 1960's and learn firsthand about Langdale estate's part in the whole scheme. For more adventurous guests, who plan to surprise their partners with marriage proposals, personalized treasure maps can be arranged.
Langdale Bungalow
Loved it.. wished I had arranged to stay more nights at the Langdale.

Personalized service and great food J
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