Jetwing Tangalle Bay Hotel

Jetwing Tangalle Bay Hotel The Southern coast of Sri Lanka though far less visited as a tourist destination is even more beautiful in its own inimitable way. On the south coast of the island, Tangalla Bay, a hotel that is perfectly located by the ocean, will let you experience all the wonders it has in store. Looking out at endless horizons and limitless skies like a lost ship come home, the un mistakable lines of Tangalla Bay sits on an outcrop in the fishing port of Tangalle. Its unique architecture - the only hotel in Sri Lanka to be built like a cruise ship - sets it apart as a novel Sri Lanka beach resort; as does the warmth of its exceptional service welcoming travellers aboard from near and far. The rhythm of the waves, the songs of the sea, the call of the breeze, the whispers of palms swaying above and the blue skies stretching way beyond will captivate you. Look out to the distant horizon and be awed - for there is indeed nothing but the vast Indian Ocean to the next landmass: Antarctica. So let yourself go in such idyllic isolation. Float free with your feet on the ground; from the haven of comfort we call Tangalla bay.

Down on the southernmost tip of the island 190km away from the capital, Colombo and 240km from the International Airport, Tangalla Bay is one of the most ideally located hotels in Tangalle. Perfectly placed to explore the area and an unmistakable landmark in Tangalle this hotel sits amidst a coconut grove that juts out to the sea and is thereby bordered by the swirling waves of the Indian Ocean. The south of Sri Lanka is now fast developing with the inevitable changes of modernity catching up at an amazing pace - yet its charm and traditions remain very much steeped in the past. The Southern province has fresh treasures on offer to those who venture out to find
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Offering the highest standards of accommodation amongst the hotels in Hambantota district, Tangalla Bay is one of the most comfortable places you will find in the entire southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. It is the only hotel that follows the theme of a cruise ship throughout, in its colourful decor and elegant designs that captivate the eye all around its interior making it, one of the most distinctive hotels in Tangalle. In keeping with this 'seafaring tradition', there are four 'decks' housing 34 'cabins' - 12 Deluxe and 22 Superior, all with private balconies and panoramic views and you are certain to find them more than shipshape in every way.
Jetwing Tangalle Bay Hotel
Positive :
Great beach
Negative :
If you are driving its quite a distance from the CMB Apt... (6 hours approx..)
Activities :
Swimming... relaxing on the beautiful sun-kissed beaches
Jetwing Tangalle Bay Hotel
Ideal for quiet relaxation...
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