Chaaya Village

Chaaya Village Like a well-disguised tree with thirsty widespread roots reaching far and wide to drink from the closest brook, Chaaya Village Habarana lies sprawled across 27 acres of luxuriant land bordering a stunning lake. Habarana is situated 176 km from Colombo in the heart of Sri Lanka's cultural triangle and is part of the Anuradhapura District.

The hotel's cosy cottages, inspired by the typical thatched roof huts found locally, lie in clusters with low roofs and brownish yellow exteriors. The paint used is specially mixed with mud, in true native fashion, to ensure the facade is in harmony with nature.

Since the entire property offers one breathtaking vista, it's hard to promise a guest just one view. There are many. Each one more captivating and serene than the other. The spacious living spaces are tastefully appointed complete with four-star luxuries for comfortable living. Nature's little finishing touches gently remind guests that the slightest interactions with nature can be quite a luxury.

For instance, the locally produced bamboo and cloth mixed window screens and shades are charming, the cool understated cement floors that gently massage guests' feet when they walk around the room are soothing while the private open-air bath areas that come with the perpetual singing of birds, lulls away all anxiety. This nature friendly property features some impressive dining options designed to make guests feel the wealth of the outdoors while seated indoors.

The forever-sunny weather often beckons guests outside on to the terrace by the unique Infinity Swimming pool where they enjoy romantic dinners or sip cocktails seated ankle deep in water. Upon special request Chaaya Village graciously permits guests to have meals by the lake, up in a romantic tree-hut, in the privacy of the veranda, in the shade of a tree or even in the barbeque hut in the garden. Hidden away in one secluded corner of the property are the badminton, tennis and volleyball courts. Closer to the lake with a view of the pool is the cricket pitch. Any one of these games can leave a guest wanting to visit the Aryuveda Health Centre, located on the left side of the property, for a touch from nature to rejuvenate body and spirit.

Guests can explore this vast area of lush vegetation by following the quaint footpath that winds its way hither and thither or by simply making their own path. In this natural habitat it's only natural to spot permanent residents. Encounters with butterflies, birds, lizards, squirrels, monkeys and all other precious life forms found within the Habarana Village, can be quite delight to visitors. A chat with the resident Naturalist can be enlightening. The very location of Chaaya Village makes it a biodiversity hotspot that attracts nature and adventure enthusiasts from around the world.

The hotel is committed to nature conservancy and protecting the local communities. By enhancing ecotourism through programs like the 'Experience Packages' designed to provide nature enthusiasts a chance to explore natural environments, Chaaya Village is also adding value to the cultural integrity of the local people. For travellers with a passion for nature, Chaaya Village is a must visit. Five 'Experience Packages' have been carefully planned to accommodate and entertain travellers in a way that reignites their bond with the natural world while sustaining and supporting local communities at the same time.

A visit to Chaaya Village is a journey made for the love of nature, a journey that will lead visitors to experience many exotic paths.
Distance From Colombo : 176 km
Superior Rooms: 94 air-conditioned lovely cottages spread out in clusters blend in side by side in an extensive garden area. Each room is tastefully furnished and complete with all four star luxury amenities to pamper guests.
En suite facilities: An ultra comfortable queen size bed/ A well stocked mini bar /Cable TV /Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities /Complimentary toiletries /Herbal moisturizer /Herbal shower gel

Deluxe Rooms: 12 air-conditioned cottage style rooms, linked by a footpath that keeps the lake in sight, promise an amazing lake view. The rooms are elegantly furnished and complete with all four star luxury facilities.
En suite facilities: A king size four poster bed /A well stocked mini bar /Cable TV /DVD /Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities /A safety locker /A hospitality tray /An open-air bathroom with an indoor cement bath /An outdoor shower /Bathrobes and bath slippers /Complimentary toiletries /Specially ordered herbal skin and body care products

Kingfisher Lodge: Set in a secluded location a few feet away from the lake, this exclusive suite is built several feet above ground level offering an amazing up close and personal view of the glistening waters. It is designed at a height to accommodate the water from the lake that reaches the steps of the private veranda when the lake swells up in the rainy season. A favorite choice of honeymooners, the Kingfisher Lodge offers ultimate comfort in simple understated style. From gray cement floors and cement brick walls to wide wooden windows and natural-wood furniture, everything is carefully designed to blend in with the environs. Private meals in the romantic outdoors can also be arranged with the hotel chef attending to all the details personally.
En suite facilities: A king size bed laid out on a cement block offering a stunning view of the lake while lying in bed /A well stocked mini bar /Cable TV /DVD /Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities /A safety locker /A hospitality tray /An open-air bathroom with an indoor cement bath /His-and-hers outdoor showers /Bathrobes and bath slippers /Complimentary toiletries /Specially ordered herbal skin and body care products

Eagle Lodge: Set in the middle of the garden offering a view of the lake, this one-of-a-kind suite is built with a large sitting area that is perfect to entertain friends or even for private meetings when attending to business while on holiday. The Eagle Lodge has all the comforts that make holidaying here a splendid experience. Upon request, the hotel organizes private outdoor barbeques in the garden and special indoor cocktails for small groups.
En suite facilities: A king size four poster bed /A spacious tastefully furnished sitting room /A well stocked mini bar /Cable TV /DVD /Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities /A safety locker /A hospitality tray /An open-air bathroom with an indoor cement bath /Outdoor showers /A garden cement Jacuzzi /Bathrobes and bath slippers /Complimentary toiletries /Specially ordered herbal skin and body care products

Dining facilities include:

* El Hena Restaurant
* Ritigale Pauwwa Bar
* Panthaliya Coffee Shop
Chaaya Village
Activities :
Walk With Kings: A brave king's hideaway during times of war, says one legend & sanctuary to the rag-robe-wearers, a break-away group of monks in ancient times, says another & a fragment of soil from the Himalayas brought by the ape-god Hanuman, says a third. A morning hike to a mountain steeped in myth and mystery; a site of centuries old ruins; a veritable stone monastery that lies in Ritigala's dense jungle. In the afternoon guests will experience the royal mode of transportation - on elephant back! Then, an exploration of the forest, cross a river and survey the surrounding villages, as the kings did, on a one-and-a-half hour elephant ride. Finally, a delicious five-course meal will be served up by the poolside. This includes a taste of the local delicacy-'olu bath' (water lily rice).
Package includes: Transport to Ritigala in an A/C van, Bottled water, Entrance fees, Services of a naturalist, Elephant back safari, Dinner and wine.

Adrenalin and Adventure: Visitors can tramp through the woods, exploring centuries-old caves and cavernous boulders en route to "Kaludiya Pokuna" (Black water pool) on an early morning adventure. After a picnic breakfast, visitors will be led through the heart-pounding scale of a sheer rock surface to be rewarded by spectacular views of Habarana, Sigiriya and Ritigala. After they descend, the next stop will be "Namal Uyana" for an hour-long trek through the lush forest reserve in the otherwise arid landscape of Dambulla, to its famed rose quartz deposit. In the afternoon, a cycle trip along the scenic and yet treacherous route encircling five lakes. A Habarana sunset can be experienced on the return journey. Each and every one will be greeted at the hotel by a free happy-hour of Jungle Cocktails and Mocktails by the pool-side, with the village snake charmer as the host. While those adventurous enough may seek to share in his passion for handling the python, everyone is invited to try the signature arrack cocktail in a coconut shell or make their own cocktails with the hotel's selection of local spirits and tropical fruit juices.
Package includes: Transport to Kaludiya Pokuna and Namal Uyana in an A/C van, Entrance fees for Namal Uyana, Picnic breakfast and bottled water, Services of a naturalist, Bike hire, Free cocktails during happy hour.

The Fish-er-way: After a leisurely afternoon, visitors can join the village fishermen at the bank of the lake. With the guidance of the 'experts', they may use either the Oruwa (narrow wooden boat) or wade through the water, to cast the nets. In silence and in complete harmony with the surrounding tranquillity, they will be shown how to cast the nets the traditional way, moving slowly and gracefully amidst myriad water lilies, lotus, and bird species. On their return, all who participated will be treated to a sumptuous river and seafood dinner by the poolside. The next day, all those up for the challenge can join the fishermen at sunrise to paddle or wade across the lake, skilfully removing the nets and retrieving the catch! The catch is generally shared with friends, as is the local custom.
Package includes: Hire of oruwa on both days, Services of a naturalist, Dinner.

Native Cues: A morning bullock cart ride will take visitors through the village of Hiriwadunna, to a banana plantation where ripe bananas can be tasted and savored fresh. Cross a scenic reservoir by oruwa (traditional boat), its long, narrow shape gliding effortlessly on the water, to visit a chena cultivation, where in the shade of a tree house of mud and thatched palm leaves, the village of Hiriwaduna can be surveyed. On the return journey guests can drop by the house of a native and enjoy aromatic ginger tea and jaggery. The next stop will be a visit to an authentic local cottage industry to witness the skilful carving of caricatures from old tree roots. Everyone will get a chance to carve his or her own token. Then, a stop at a local kamatha (Paddy field) for lunch, to be treated to delicious local cuisine served on lotus leaves by a village family. Back at the hotel everyone will be treated to a free Aryurvedic treatment of his or her choice at the hotel spa in the afternoon or evening.
Package includes: Transport to Hiriwadunna in an A/C van, Oruwa and bullock cart hire, Refreshments, Lunch, Services of a naturalist, Aryurvedic treatment, High tea.

In One with Nature: The experience begins with a morning walk to the scrub forests bordering the village of Hiriwadunna, famed for the spotting of some 130-bird species and a variety of rare butterflies. Then, guests will enjoy a picnic breakfast on the banks of a stunning reservoir, against the backdrop of the green vegetation of the surrounding wetlands ideal for roosting egrets. On a mid morning drive to Dambulla, visitors may choose to either trek through the lush forest reserves of "Namal Uyana", viewing a variety of endemic flora to a rare rose quartz deposit or visit Popham's Arboretum, to discover over seventy varieties of rare flora and foliage in their natural setting. Next, the opportunity to watch herds of elephants gather for a drink during an evening safari to the Minneriya or Kawudulla parks. Later, a wining and dining at a sumptuous river and seafood barbeque, especially organized for visitors, by the lakeside. The hotel will organize a sumptuous wining and dining experience with river and seafood by the poolside for groups (Not more than 12 persons) and individuals.
Chaaya Village
  • A PATA Gold Award Winner and a Kuoni Green Planet Award Winner for the year 2007-2008
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