Amaya Lake Resort

Amaya Lake Resort The "rabana" or drum heralds your arrival. Four older women, flashing beautiful Sri Lankan smiles, encircle a large barrel drum where they pound out a hearty rhythm. Flowing white vesak lanterns hang from the high ceilings of the open air lobby. Meander down a forested path to discover your villa, or continue to the Warichchi Village and begin a weeklong journey in the Ayurvedic Spa.
Distance From Colombo : 150 km
Set on 12 hectares bordering Kandalama Lake. Paths wind through the natural forested grounds, with 92 Sri Lankan villas scattered amongst the trees. A terrace fronts each villa, with a traditional long seat moulded into the patio. Enjoy the view as you sit next to a tree-trunk column supporting the red-tiled roof.

A full-size image of King Kasyapa, in the region's local painting style, graces the door. Inside, find more examples of local artistry - wall sculptures and murals. A moulded sofa, with comfortable cushions allows you to relax in the sitting area, while steps lead to a slightly raised bedroom area and a spacious bathroom.

Two-and four-unit chalets (double and quadruple villas connected through a common passageway with separate entrances) are available for families and interested groups. Four adjoining villas accommodate guests seeking a luxurious space of their own. Spacious. High wooden ceilings. Contemporary decor, with architecture inspired by the local area, and furnishings in elegant dark wood panelling. Plasma screen televisions for modern luxury. The culture of central Sri Lanka. A village lifestyle for guests who seek an experience found nowhere else. Eleven traditional-style dwellings face a central pond. Like an authentic village, houses face inwards towards each other, expressing the notion that inner appearance and ties within the village are more important than the outside world.

Nearby, the Ayurvedic Spa and Wewe Kade Ayurvedic restaurant complement the indigenous experience. Each house is unique in design and possesses its own name, for example, Kalundewa Gedera - House at the Water Tank of the Village of Black Bamboo.
Amaya Lake Resort
Activities :
Tennis and badminton. The cricket pitch. Volleyball. Children's playground. A centrally located swimming pool. Shops. Nature trails. Ayurvedic Spa. A yoga ashrama, situated at the lake's edge. Wi-fi access for wireless web surfing in the location of your choice - by the pool, en-suite, or the shade of the forest. Relax. Energise. Work out. Chill out. Massage therapy. Retail therapy. Enjoy a variety of on-site facilities to suit your holiday style.

Encounter the forest as it comes alive, with a night safari to Minneriya or Kawudulla. Explore nature with a daytime jungle trek or elephant safari. Hike or mountainbike through the countryside. Enjoy a boat ride on the lake. Hop on a bullock cart to tour the local village area and observe birdlife alongside the river.
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