Kandalama Hotel

Kandalama Hotel Watch the hotel emerge from the lush foliage of the mountainside. Enter the fantasy ambience of five star luxury suspended in a natural dreamscape. Relax and let your vision blend the sapphire blue of the infinity pool with the cool grey of the Kandalama Lake, where time has stood still for 2000 years. Wander the corridors amongst the twittering swifts and befriend the monkeys lazing among the branches. Watch green blend into green from floating rooftop lawns to virgin woodlands. Gaze upon the Sigiriya rock citadel from your room window. Absorb the magic of Kandalama; transcend time and reality.

Our unique Heritance Food envisions a philosophy based on a threefold foundation of taste, presentation and health. As part of our Heritance principle of responsible tourism, we believe that we can deliver the finest in international cuisine, which is at the same time healthy. Heritance Hotels are a trend setter in cuisine, both in Sri Lanka and internationally. If you are a gourmet and seeking the finest culinary experiences, then Heritance Hotels are a must in your itinerary. We also offer a unique blend of the best international trends, with millennia of traditional cooking culture. Enjoy our caviars and goose pates and then venture into traditional dishes like heenati haal and kalukung meat (traditional rice and wild turkey). We use exotic ingredients to evolve a truly unique culinary tradition that you can only experience at the Heritance Hotels; visit us, and enjoy the food of kings.

Enjoy your meal and sip a beer or glass of wine while feasting your eyes on the vista of the lake, the surrounding natural rainforest, and the Sigiriya rock silhouetted against the distant Dambulla horizon. At night it is an amazingly romantic experience with the starlight or moonlight reflecting off the mysterious waters.

The cuisine at Kandalama is supervised by our world class Chef who has won nine gold medals at the Culinary Olympics and the Culinary World Cup. The massive kitchen, complying with international standards in food safety and hygiene, serves out a vast range of delicious dishes, which you could not fully sample even if you stayed at the hotel for two weeks.

The hotel has three restaurants that can seat a total of 295 people, as well as several outdoor venues including rooftop terraces, where food is served on special occasions. We also offer Chinese, Italian, Sri Lankan, Mongolian and barbeque food on theme nights.

Each dish we serve is a work of art, lovingly crafted by our master Chefs. The restaurants at Kandalama combine the best traditions of international fine dining, with a Sri Lankan touch, making the meals here a unique experience.

Heritance Hotels represent a unique Green Philosophy that combines responsible tourism with environment friendliness. The Heritance Kandalama has won awards as the most eco-friendly hotel in the world. It is by far the most environment friendly hotel in Sri Lanka. Heritance hotels have pioneered eco tourism in Sri Lanka.

Geoffrey Bawa's visionary architectural design has ensured that no lights are required anywhere in the hotel during daytime. All spaces are designed to receive an adequate amount of natural light. As a result of something as simple as the allowance for lighting, the hotel makes a substantial saving in the energy that is consumed. The hotel was built between two rock formations and none of the trees on the location were destroyed. The entire hotel is built on a raised platform allowing water to flow under the hotel. It also allows the free flow of animals under the hotel, creating a minimum impact on the eco system. Other state-of-the-art methods are utilized in every aspect of the hotel to ensure efficient use of energy and resources such as water.

The hotel has a comprehensive energy conservation policy with power cut-off switches, energy efficient lighting (CFL bulbs), photo active garden lights and solar power hot water systems. The hotel has a comprehensive water conservation policy where no surface water is utilized. Water is obtained from 150-200 foot deep tube wells and a maze of gutters that collect rainwater.

We adhere to a philosophy of sustainable development that encompasses the following areas:
Energy efficiency, conservation and management /Reduction of freshwater consumption /Waste water management /Minimization of waste, reuse and recycling /Air quality protection and noise control /Land use planning /Social and cultural development /Ecosystem conservation.

The ancient lake and virgin rainforest next to the hotel remain in their pristine natural state, unpolluted by the presence of a large five star hotel. Not a piece of paper or polythene is allowed to escape from the hotel into its surroundings. All the waste water of the hotel is painstakingly recycled by a state-of-the art facility. Smoking is not encouraged. The conservation and recycling processes of the hotel are also designed to assist the social and economic growth of the villagers who live close to the hotel.

The Heritance Kandalama is uniquely located within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, adjacent to an ancient man-made lake which is more than 2,000 years old. We are committed to conserving and protecting this unique natural and cultural environment for the benefit of posterity. In order to prevent deforestation and the construction of artificial structures we have purchased an additional 180 acres of virgin rain forest around the hotel. This forest functions as our own private sanctuary, untainted by human touch.

Sri Lanka has particularly strict laws to protect the environment and wildlife. We are proud to say that the Heritance Kandalama not only complies fully with these laws, but we also goes well beyond them; we take pleasure in our conservation work. We also respect the social and cultural sensitivities of the neighbouring communities, while assisting them economically. We purchase local products and services, and involve these communities in our environmental conservation work.
Distance From Colombo : 150 km
Kandalama Hotel
Positive :
  • Beautiful location... Superb atmosphere!
  • Probably the best food in Sri Lanka!
Negative :
  • Monkeys are everywhere so you've got to keep your room windows shut all the time, and balcony doors closed!
Activities :
The Heritance Kandalama is the ultimate eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka. To enjoy the wildlife of this area, you don't even have to leave the hotel. Birds nest in the corridors and outside windows, and accompany you with their soft twittering. Grey Langurs and monkeys sit on branches almost within touching distance and watch you with bold curiosity. A deer family lives in the thicket in front of the check-in desk. During the dry season elephants come to the Kandalama lake. We offer a vast variety of leisure activities from hot air balloon rides to elephant rides, from nature tours to our luxurious Six Senses Spa.

Our mission is to enable people to experience a unique interaction with nature and culture, while leaving a minimum impact on the environment.

eco trails /nature tours / elephant rides /horse rides/boat rides/balloon rides/cycling/sports/six senses spa/music and entertainment.
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