Maya Villa

Maya Villa Maya Villa is a 110 year old house that has been completely restored and is set amidst rural surroundings overlooking lush green paddy fields. A new wing has been added to the house which blends in seamlessly with the original architectural design. A large 20m swimming pool in the central courtyard brings together the main house and the new wing. Maya Villa can be rented by the room or as a whole and can accommodate up to 10 guests.

History of the house -
Aranwela Walauwa, now MAYA, a Sri Lankan manor house Walauwa is typical of the manor houses of late 19th and early 20th century Sri Lanka. Aranwela Walauwa was built by one of the ruling elite of Ceylon, whose family would have had complete power over the village for generations, in what was essentially a feudal society. It was as recent as the 1970's when socialist style land reforms limited private ownership to two houses and fifty acres, that so many of these magnificent manor houses could no longer be maintained and have gradually disappeared.

The Aranwela Walauwa is a little gem in the Tangalle area, its architecture is typical of the era, drawing influences from Dutch and British colonial architecture. As was often the case, the entrance gate is quite a distance from the bungalow - designed to incite a sense of awe as one walks up to the house. The verandah was more or less the main living space, but was also where the landlord would have conducted day-to-day business, a subtle timber lattice giving privacy. The two ante rooms off the verandah may have been an office room and a visitors room.

The main house proper had four rooms, while the rear of the building housed the kitchen, store room, primitive bathrooms and servants' quarters. The huge garden, with its view over what would have been the estate paddy fields, was planted with the usual variety of fruit trees, medicinal plants and of course, the ubiquitous coconut palm - essential in Sri Lankan cuisine. While the ancient buffalo powered millstone that still survives, was used for making coconut oil.

When Niki Fairchild first stumbled across Aranwela Walauwa in 2004, she was instantly enchanted. Luckily for Aranwela, Niki is an interior designer of immaculate taste. She has been responsible for the design of several beautiful boutique hotels in Asia, and she knew the architect she wanted to work with. Pradeep Kodikara is a Sri Lankan architect with a practice in Colombo. He is best known for his contemporary style. Niki and Pradeep have both restored and reinvigorated the beautiful heritage building with a sensitivity and style that reflects both the history of the original house with contemporary living.
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The old wing has an inside dining area, very atmospheric as all the original features have been retained including the beautiful lattice work on the windows and doors. The new wing has an outdoor garden pavilion enclosing a dining area and large sofas for lounging. The 3 bedrooms in the new wing have their own private dining areas in their courtyards.

International and Sri Lankan cuisine are on the menu and a wonderful fusion of both are served. If the villa has only individual rooms booked we can also accept outside guests as there are 2 separate dining areas and there is also the possibility of setting up tables in the garden as we have almost 2 acres with wonderful views.

A team of 5 staff - the Manager, Mr Mendis, the Chef and 3 housekeeping staff will ensure that guests are well taken care of. In addition we have a Property Manager who can also arrange excursions to the beach and other sights in the area, 3 gardeners and 2 security guards.
Maya Villa
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