Hotel Tamarind Hill

Hotel Tamarind Hill This sprawling manor, built in the 1800s by a prominent family in the Galle district, was first occupied by a British Admiral and later by a High Court judge of the colonial era. Tamarind Hill was refurbished preserving the intricate details and style of a by-gone era - all the extensions and alterations to the property have been beautifully blended with the original main house, in keeping with the architecture and restoring it to its grand origins.

Sri Lanka's cosmopolitan, multicultural past figures richly in the history of this latest property, Tamarind Hill on the outskirts of Galle - a city whose strongly Dutch character belies its history as an ancient global entrepot, a meeting-place for Arabs, Chinese, Greeks, Persians and South Indians, and identified by Victorian scholars with the Biblical port of Tarshish. Tamarind Hill was built by a Sinhalese landowner, Don Johannes Amarasiri, whose European forename reflected common practice among Sri Lankan aristocrats of this era. The mansion later became the official residence of the Representative of the Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company, the famous 'P&O Line'. Later still, Tamarind Hill became a judge's residence, at which time the punkahs in the drawing-room were installed.

Situated on a 3 acre hill with huge courtyards, sun-dappled verandas and tropical gardens, Tamarind Hill has 11 rooms and 2 suites offering the ultimate in comfort, stylish design and modern amenities, juxtaposed with the charm of a bygone era. It has arguably set a challenging new benchmark for private hotel properties in the south of Sri Lanka.
Distance From Colombo : 132 km
Tamarind Hill has 10 rooms and 2 suites, replete with twenty-first-century facilities that never obtrude on the traditional elegance and charm of your surroundings. The food and drink is modern rather than traditional, and of the finest quality.
Hotel Tamarind Hill
Activities :
Other than to see the town of Galle and maybe take a walk along the fort, there is absolutely no pressure to do anything else... So just enjoy the art of appreciating luxury and beauty and the art of doing simply nothing.
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