Stardust Beach

Stardust Beach Arugam Bay and Pottuvil are situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka's South-East coast. The area is rich in bird life and wildlife in the widespread jungle areas, wetlands and lagoons nearby. It has its own specific climate with very little rain compared to the rest of the island.

28-30 degrees Celsius during Nov. Dec. and Jan
30-32 degrees Celsius during Feb. Mar. and Sept. Oct
32-36 degrees Celsius during April May June July August

November and December are quiet, but beautiful it is often windy, but still warm and it rains on and off. It is the rainy time in the East, but still there are many sunny days. All through the year the varying landscape invites trips on bicycle, motorbike and off-roaders, as well as walking along the beaches. During this period many migrating birds arrive. January, February and March have a very agreeable, though slightly humid climate. Refreshing winds blow from the North-East. The weather and waves are mostly good for wind-surfing, rafting, fishing and swimming, and this is the best time for bird watching.

During April and May the sun is at its Zenith, and it can get rather hot and humid. The wind changes to South-East, and the season for body-surf starts. Arugam Bay is known as one of the best surf-points in the world.

From June the climate starts to feel less hot, as the soil and air get drier. Before midday a constant breeze from South East blows. The waves are now mostly steady for surf. A canoe trip in the lagoon during sunset is unforgettable.

The same is true for July, August, September and October, which are dry as well. This is contrary to the climate on the West Coast and many holidaymakers and surfers arrive during these months. A couple of showers in September or October make the landscape green again.

Distance From Colombo : 274 km
Basic accommodation, wattle and daub style of living, yet another Robinson Crusoe experience. Do not expect ANY frills, just a down to earth exhilarating experience...

The daily activities in Arugam Bay and Pottuvil start early. Around 4 o'clock the first fishing boats go out to sea. It is possible to arrange trips with them, given prior notice of course. An hour later the Mullah in the mosque sends his first morning prayers out, and at six the sky is changing colour.

The sun rises over the sea an hour later. Now the early surfers are already swimming near the surf point. This is also the ideal time to start walks along the beach or take a bicycle-ride inland.

If you want to watch wildlife, you may drive in a jeep 10-15 km down South before sunrise or walk along the lagoon. But in the evenings as well after 5 o'clock till 7 p.m. you meet wild elephants, deer, wild pig, crocodiles and many other animals nearby. Also the bird life is known to be very rich and interesting to watch in this area.

You can swim or fight with the waves in the sea all year round. On few occasions in January and February is the lagoon opened up by the people living on its shores, and excess water is streaming out to the sea. Then there is a bustling fishing life around the opening, and it is dangerous to swim nearby until it is closed again.

Being an area with links back to ancient kingdoms there are many remnants in the jungle from old Buddhist culture. Just outside Pottuvil behind the dunes are excavations of a 2000 year old temple, Modu Maha Vihare.
Stardust Beach
Positive :
What can I say... hmm your own little hut, directly on the beach, get out of bed and feel the sea sand under your feet... Get out of bed early enough and you could just walk along to the sea shore (just a few steps away from your room) and view a spectacular sunrise on the east coast of Sri Lanka... Early enough for you to hear the birds sing and the fisherman hum their strange songs as they pull into shore after a night spent on the seas trying to catch their daily bread, a very rustic experience, a very real experience. Stardust Hotel is one of the most basic of basic 'hotels' that I have ever stayed in, but strangely enough the first time I visited the place, was one of the best ever holidays of my life (don't get me wrong, I love luxury), but this was 'real life' something that luxury cannot compete with, the bare minimum you get by with while at the Stardust, and the outdoor toilets all just seem to add to the experience. The hotel also has its 'new wing' a normal building with rooms that have attached toilets, but there is nothing to compete with staying in the beach huts on the beach, and the food is anything but rustic, you'll always get a superb spread from Mrs. Goodman the owner.
Negative :
Takes ages to get there, 8 to 9 hours from Colombo.
Activities :
Voted as one of the best locations for surfing in the world.
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