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Hambantota Sri LankaHambantota is a rural town in southern coastal area of Sri Lanka. It is also the capital of the Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Hambantota is the electoral district of current president of Sri Lanka. Hambantota is famous for its salt flats and intensely hot arid zone climate. With sweeping sandy beaches on the side, it is also a convenient base for exploring the nearby Bundala National Park, Yala National Park and the temples at Kataragama.
Distance From Colombo : 229 km
In the past, Hambantota was a sleepy old sea-side village reminiscent of those grand old days of Leonard Woolf, who was the Assistant Government Agent-Hambantota (1908-11). He was a literary scholar being the author of the fascinating novel - 'The Village in the Jungle', that gives a vivid description of old Hambantota district which was plagued then with Malaria, poverty, and how British used the jungles of Hambantota as their famous hunting grounds. His printed diaries (1908-11), are filled with authentic records of the life and times of the hardships of those starving but grief stricken chena (slash and burn agriculture) cultivators...

Heading eastward from Tangalle, the scenery changes from the lush green of the southwest to more open landscapes as you enter the dry zone of south eastern Sri Lanka.

Hambantota, 240km (150 miles) from Colombo, is an independent travellers' haven that is showing some of the signs of escalating into a fully fledged holiday resort. Hambantota stands on a sandy headland, on the seaward side of which a huge fleet of outrigger fishing canoes draws up, and the horizon is almost always dotted with their small triangular sails. With sweeping sandy beaches on either side...
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