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Hikkaduwa Sri LankaHikkaduwa is a place on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is located in the Southern Province, about 20 km to the South-West of Galle. Hikkaduwa is traditionally famous for Corals.
Distance From Colombo : 99 km
It was affected by the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Villages affected by Telwatta, Paraliya (Train affected in this Area), Dodanduwa, Kahawa, Rathgama. The place is on the way from Colombo to Galle on the famous Galle road. It is primarily a tourist destination, and serves as a great beach with options to surf, snorkel and enjoy the sun.

The town is arranged around the one main road which runs from Galle to Colombo. This road is extremely well trafficked and pedestrians and tourists are advised to exercise caution when crossing.

In the wake of the tsunami, many of the families who had lost everything were given sewing machines as part of the relief operations. As a result, the town has a plethora of tailors who will custom make shirts, pants, and shorts. It has become the place to go in Sri Lanka to have a Hawaiian shirt fitted and sewn.

The area also has a reputation for offering a vibrant nightlife! Bars and pubs such as MAMBO'S and VIBRATIONS, team with party goers throughout the night, and a real mini Jamaican atmosphere is created...

Some attractions that might be of interest for anyone, include "Buddies" restaurant where you can get anything from a beef sandwich to a full lobster, also if you don't fancy staying in a crowded hotel little guesthouses are available.

Hikkaduwa is very popular with board-surfers. It's a well-known international destination for board-surfing.
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